Three Ps of Hospitality (Service & Reviews Part 1)

This was a blog/local paper article that I wrote last year. It is the first part of 3 and leads into a final article on service and reviews.

Kangaroo Valley was well represented recently in the South Coast Tourism Awards for Excellence. The awards covered hundreds of businesses across a huge area from the Illawarra to the Eurobodalla area. Barrengarry Farm Cottages, owned by Gai and Barry Faulkes won the GOLD award for their tourist accommodation in the unique accommodation category. Crystal Creek Meadows was inducted into the Hall of Fame for having achieved GOLD awards three times in the past for Awards for Excellence. Bistro One46, owned by Nicole and Gerald Poelzl, received the SILVER award in the Tourism Restaurant category.

Bistro One46 owners also attended the Restaurant Caterer Association (RCA) Savour Awards as finalists in the New Restaurant category. This was won by Wharf Rd in Nowra. We were privileged to be in company with restaurants with impeccable reputations.

At the RCA awards, Bob Baldwin, then Shadow Minister for Tourism, presented the “Three Ps of Hospitality” which are: People Product & Passion.

People refers to the customers and staff of a business. It is elemental to focus on what the customer wants and to have staff who are trained to give the service necessary to fulfil this. At Bistro One46, our customers are more than simply consumers. They are friends who we are glad to welcome back, be it weekly, seasonally or annually. For us, this personal relationship with customers is one of the things that makes working in hospitality & tourism enjoyable.

As well as focusing on the customer, businesses also need to appreciate their staff, because they are the “front” of the business. Without staff to greet customers appropriately and to serve customers professionally and courteously, there is no hospitality. Staff refers to the team – every person who works in a business – even if they do not interact with the customers. We employ about ten staff, most of whom are local. Our customers appreciate that our staff are local – often asking unusual questions – eg. what is this thistle that I rubbed against or where to visit in Kangaroo Valley.

Restaurants are more than just a meal, though what is served on the plate is paramount to their success. This is the Product. We use fresh, seasonal produce that is sourced locally where feasible. We are lucky in Kangaroo Valley to have suppliers who deliver regularly and help us source good produce. Building a small business in a small town, it is important to have a good rapport with suppliers. We enjoy and appreciate the support that we have from other small businesses in Kangaroo Valley and around. In a small community it is important to support each other in any way we can.

The thing that ties all this together is Passion. Gerald has been a chef for twenty years and still enjoys serving meals that are cooked with love. Meals that customers love for their freshness and flavour. Our passion, and the reason we chose to stay in Kangaroo Valley after the Bowling Club closed, is our fondness for the rare beauty of the valley as well as the community. We intentionally open early in the week to provide a restaurant service for people who live here as well as to support the accommodation providers – to provide choice for their guests visiting the valley mid-week. We are delighted to be a part of what Kangaroo Valley has to offer – both locals and tourists alike. We have some great businesses in Kangaroo Valley who are competitive with any of the current award winners. We hope in future years we will see more local businesses represented in the awards.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Bistro One46

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Happy Birthday Bistro One46

Anniversaries are exciting to me. I enjoy presenting many of our diners with a sparkler for any anniversary dinner they share with us – be it one, six or fifty-six! I think it is important to celebrate anniversaries – and to reflect on the year gone past. In reflection, I am thankful that I am in a job (for starters) and one that I enjoy. I enjoy meeting people and hopefully adding to their experience of Kangaroo Valley – my home of only four years, but a place of which I am very fond!
I am thankful for my customers – one timers and my (ir)regulars. I call them my (ir)regulars as we have many customers who visit us frequently, yet irregularly, or others when they come to the valley for weekends or school holidays or locals who go out once or twice a year. It’s nice to catch up with people – even if it is only once a year. It’s nice to see the children of these families growing up over the last four years. It’s nice to share births, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations with our guests.
This weekend, we will have been opened for two years. We have enjoyed the company of many people from a variety of backgrounds, from Kangaroo Valley and all around the world!
This time of reflection is also a chance for me to express our thanks to our many loyal customers, some of whom I am happy to call friends. Thank you for your custom, your feedback and your time. We look forward to sharing many more anniversaries- both yours and ours- with you at Bistro One46.
We have enjoyed catching up with lots of old friends and customers these school holidays. Thanks for coming in to Bistro One46!




Unfortunately, World Responsible Tourism Day has come around all too quickly and we (the local businesses and Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association) were unable to organise a specific event this year. So thinking about days like World Responsible Tourism Day and World Environment Day, what are they really for? Are they a solitary day on which to act responsibly towards our environment – that one day of the year that you will remember to sort the waste properly. No. They are a day to raise awareness, from people who consider the environment in their everyday lives and occupations, to people who might not always think about it.

Having been a teacher in my “previous life” and now a mum of two young boys, environmental considerations and education are just a part of everyday life for a younger generation. Like us, most families would have two or more bins – general waste and recycling. But special days to promote and remind people about everyday actions to help sustain a healthy environment are important.

At Bistro One46 our daily routines and procedures are established to consider ways to reduce, reuse and recycle and generally, to consider how we can have as little impact on the environment as possible. These are a list of some of the practices that we do:

  • Recycle all paper material, glass, plastic and metal. When recycling products, we also make sure they are rinsed, cut up or compacted to assist the recycling process. Cardboard and polystyrene boxes are also returned to suppliers for reuse.
  • Send food waste to local chooks, compost or green waste.
  • Use appropriate stock management techniques to reduce waste in general. We are also fortunate to have good suppliers who deliver regularly, which means we do not order too much and have much waste.
  • Use water efficient taps, faucets and toilets.
  • Reduce waste water by not rinsing plates and utensils in running water – plates are wiped first to prevent need to use too much rinsing water which is done in a full sink, rather than with running water.
  • Use gas to run stoves and ovens and have carbon offsetting of green electricity through our choice of Electricity Company.
  • Use energy efficient light globes and keep lights off as much as possible.
  • Use environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products where possible.
  • Use waste water from table water jugs to water plants rather than tossing down the drain.
  • Using environmentally friendly and biodegradable take away products. Kangaroo Valley was one of the first communities to ban the use of plastic bags and we support this initiative.
  • Staff are trained to turn power off when electrical items are not in use, eg, lights and equipment.
  • We have replaced old equipment with new or newer (second hand) equipment that is more efficient and more environmentally considerate.
  • Use of fans (and we plan to install ceiling fans) to reduce the use of the air conditioner and to increase the effectiveness of the air conditioner when it is used.
  • The flooring in the restaurant is bamboo and was chosen because of its sustainable manufacture, durability and ease of cleaning.
  • The blinds (Luxaflex Duettes) that we had installed were chosen to reduce the need for heating/cooling the restaurant as they are one of the top most insulating on the market (keep cool in summer and warm in winter).
  • We also support the concept of using produce and products that are made/produced locally/regionally where feasible. Our suppliers have a variety of stock that we use that is from the Southern Highlands and South Coast region.
  • We also stock wines from smaller boutique local wineries.

The above are actions that we consider on a daily basis at Bistro One46 to provide our restaurant customers with responsible tourism. Kangaroo Valley is a unique a beautiful place and it is the everyday things that many of the local businesses, Tourist Association and people do that will help keep our environment healthy and sustainable.

Bistro One46, a restaurant in Kangaroo Valley, is a member of the Kangaroo Valley Tourist Association and is finalising their environmental audit for the Green Kangaroo Program. They are also members of the Restaurant Caterers Association Savour Green Table Program.

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