It is nice when people are pleasantly surprised in our restaurant; however, it does make me feel a little sad for the restaurant industry outside of the big cities. We regularly have guests comment that they were not expecting such good food or service in a “small town” restaurant. Bistro One46 has now been open for almost a year and a half in Kangaroo Valley, between the NSW Southern Highlands and the South Coast. We strive to provide fresh, tasty food, sourced locally where possible, served by friendly and well trained staff. We have called ourselves a bistro – meaning little restaurant. Attentive service coupled with good food at reasonable prices should not be surprising – customers should be able to expect a level of service wherever they are. Country areas have a lot to offer diners in old fashioned hospitality and service and Bistro One46 takes pride in this.

2 comments on “Surprise Service

  1. Fawn Herley

    Very nice article. I certainly love this site. Stick with it!

  2. Pamela Davis

    I am pleased, though not surprised, at the lovely food that you provide Nicole and Gerald. And more relaxing than the city sitting on your leafy verandah with the paper, and even my dog under the table.

    Love your gingham outfit with the lemon meringue pie and cherry on top – just joking! She looks as if she has something on her mind other than the pie 🙂

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