I have taken some flack at times for introducing our reservations policy and requiring a credit card number for confirmation of bookings. I wish customers would see that I do not like having to do this. It is time consuming and to a point, quite humiliating. However, as a small business, we have to protect our own interests. If tables do not show up, or even show up with less people, then we loose business. We have introduced this as a direct result of inconsiderate people who have left us high and dry on several occasions.

This article from the SMH is not a new discussion (http://www.smh.com.au/business/retail/fedup-restaurants-have-banned-more-than-3000-noshows-from-booking-20160308-gnday2.html) . Hopefully, by reading this, potential diners gain a better understanding of how small business restaurants run. And please also consider, that in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, there are lots of people walking past who could potentially fill a no-show or late cancellation. In the little town of Kangaroo Valley, we do not have this benefit. If we turn people away or tell them on the phone that we are booked, then we do not get a great deal of people walking in after 7.00pm to fill no-show tables.

I always want to question people who complain about my bookings policy. How would they like it if they turned up and I did not have their table available for them?? This is the questions I asked in my response to a high profile employment consultant who left a bad review on TripAdvisor. (see our tripadvisor list here)

Rant over (for the moment!) As I have previously said, good customer service, is dependent being on a good customer!