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Happy Birthday Bistro One46

Anniversaries are exciting to me. I enjoy presenting many of our diners with a sparkler for any anniversary dinner they share with us – be it one, six or fifty-six! I think it is important to celebrate anniversaries – and to reflect on the year gone past. In reflection, I am thankful that I am in a job (for starters) and one that I enjoy. I enjoy meeting people and hopefully adding to their experience of Kangaroo Valley – my home of only four years, but a place of which I am very fond!
I am thankful for my customers – one timers and my (ir)regulars. I call them my (ir)regulars as we have many customers who visit us frequently, yet irregularly, or others when they come to the valley for weekends or school holidays or locals who go out once or twice a year. It’s nice to catch up with people – even if it is only once a year. It’s nice to see the children of these families growing up over the last four years. It’s nice to share births, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations with our guests.
This weekend, we will have been opened for two years. We have enjoyed the company of many people from a variety of backgrounds, from Kangaroo Valley and all around the world!
This time of reflection is also a chance for me to express our thanks to our many loyal customers, some of whom I am happy to call friends. Thank you for your custom, your feedback and your time. We look forward to sharing many more anniversaries- both yours and ours- with you at Bistro One46.
We have enjoyed catching up with lots of old friends and customers these school holidays. Thanks for coming in to Bistro One46!

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  1. Nicole Poelzl

    Thank you to all our customers who shared this weekend with us. In the last three weeks, we shared Easter celebrations, birthdays, wedding anniversaries including a 59th, engagements, family reunions and annual holidays.

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