Reservation Policy & Notices


Reservations are preferred so we can cater and staff accordingly to provide all our guests with a level of food and service that we desire.

Please call 44652820 with the name, number of people and date/time for the reservation.

If you leave a message, we will aim to confirm ASAP, however, if you have not heard from us within 48hours, please call again or call on 0410490155.

All reservations require a credit card for confirmation. (See RESERVATIONS POLICY DETAILS below).

Bistro One46 reserves the right to cancel unconfirmed reservations at its discretion.

Depending on bookings and walk-in traffic, we cannot hold your table longer than 15 minutes past your expected arrival time, unless otherwise notified.



Bistro One46 reserves the right to take a credit card upon booking and for confirmation of any reservation.

Bistro One46 reserves the right to charge a no-show fee if any or all of the guests do not turn up for the reservation without sufficient notice.

What is the fee? $30.00 per person for the number of people who dine is less than the number of people for which the reservation was made. This includes no-show.

What is “sufficient notice”? To avoid being charged a no-show fee, all you must do is contact Bistro One46 at least one hour before the beginning of the service for which you have booked (ie. Before 4:30pm for a dinner reservation. Before 10.30am for a lunch reservation). If you phone after this time, the fee will be waived or reduced if we can use the table with “walk-in” diners.)

Exceptions to the Sufficient Notice Period: Christmas Day and other set menu events. These require a minimum of 8 days notice. You can contact the restaurant on 4465 2820 or Nicole on 0410490155 or email at

What happens to my credit card details? The credit card will not be charged at all unless any or all of the guests do not turn up for the reservation without sufficient notice. The details will be kept securely until the end of the service for which the reservation is made and will then be destroyed. Bistro One46 does not keep credit card details on file so if you book a second time, you will be asked again for the details.



Bistro One46 is happy to consider splitting the bill if it is discussed at the beginning of the service. Please talk to staff on arrival. Split or separate bills using more than one card will be charged a 40c surcharge per transaction. 



We do our utmost to seat your group as requested, however, seating configurations are dependent on the number of people booked for any one service. The restaurant has two pillars that can restrict table configurations and placements. Please discuss this with Nicole at the time of booking if you have any specific requests.



Bistro One46 accepts the Mastercard, Bankcard and Visa with a 1% surcharge and American Express with a 2% surcharge. There is a minimum of $20.00 on EFTPOS or a 40c surcharge applies. There is no surcharge on cash or EFPTOS over $20.00.



If you have any dietary requirements please mention these when making your reservation via email or the telephone. Bistro One46 will endeavour to meet these needs as best we can. There are several gluten free dishes on the menu or gluten free options available. We will discuss with you any needs that cannot be met.



Children are welcome at Bistro One46. Please inform us if you need to have a push chair, pram or capsule in the restaurant so we can make space for these. Highchairs are available – please inform at time of booking if you need one



** Want to hear more about why we have to have this reservations policy?

While we regret the need to introduce this policy, cancellations without sufficient notice and no-shows represent a great inconvenience to our diners and a considerable cost to our business. I am saddened that I have to hold, and potentially charge a fee for not dining without notice to ensure that our business is given due courtesy. It is time consuming for us to have to take these extra details, but less costly than inconsiderate no-shows.

Our policy has been put in place after a couple of very inconsiderate customers just did not contact us, despite having multiple avenues for communication. In July 2015, once such customer booked a table for 13 people for a Friday night in School holidays at 8pm and rang at 8.11pm to say that there would only be 2 people dining. There were many people turned away that night and at least 5 tables were not used. We could have used those tables for up to 20 people who were turned away and this loss of revenue is considerable to any small business.

By making a reservation at Bistro One46 you are entering into a verbal contract. Legally a verbal contract must satisfy four criteria. These criteria and how it relates to Bistro One46 are as follows:

  • offer and acceptance –Bistro One46 offers a table and you accept that we will have a table for you at the time and date and for the agreed number of guests as per your reservation
  • all of the terms must be agreed upon – the terms will include, but not be limited to, time, date and number of guests
  • the parties must intend to be legally bound – by providing your credit card you acknowledge intent to turn up at the time and date and with the correct number of guests as per your reservation
  • consideration (ie. something of value must be exchanged in the transaction) – Bistro One46 will provide service and food as a prepared meal for dine in or take away.

By making a reservation, you personally agree to be responsible for the reservation, including costs associated with the security/deposit and consumption of food and drink (if the bill is not paid for in full by any other guest(s) in your party.)

We do not overbook our restaurant.
We do provide tables as per customer requests (time, number of guests)
We do not want visitors or locals in Kangaroo Valley to be without a meal.

We do, take reservations to maximise our capacity both for our own benefit and that of visitors and residents of Kangaroo Valley.
We do take reservations to ensure that customers can get a table – and at the time they want.
We do provide friendly, professional service.
We do aim to serve as many people as we can within the constraints of the size of the restaurant, size of the kitchen and staff in the restaurant and kitchen.

My question to no show customers or customers who show up with less people than booked for: How would you like it if you had made a booking and a restaurant did not keep your table and then you could not get a meal that night? or How would you like it if you had made a booking and a restaurant had a table for 4 instead of 8?  or How would you like it if I made a reservation with you in your business and did not keep the appointment? Restaurants have a lot of overheads that still cost money if customers do not turn up.


Cancellations, No Shows and Less Guests

As Kangaroo Valley does not have the same passing trade as in larger areas or cities, there is difficulty in filling late cancellations, no shows and tables when people turn up with less guests for which they have booked. We respectfully request notice of changes or cancellations are provided at least an hour before that service begins. If this request is not fulfilled, it will be necessary to charge a $30 fee per-person.

Please understand that we consider this a last resort, with the real motivating factor being our concern for the quality of service we are able to provide to you, and to our other valued customers.

You may not think that by turning up with one less person it would not have a big effect on anyone. However, the configuration of the tables in the restaurant can be quite strategic and can be effected by one diner. One diner could be the difference between another table or not. We are not being greedy but the profit margin of a small (or any restaurant) is not high and so as a business, it is important to maximise tables and customers when we can. Many people tell me that not even fine dining restaurants in Sydney have this sort of policy. I urge people to consider that we are a small business and that Kangaroo Valley is a quiet town with only a couple of restaurants open at night. It does not have the passing trade that Sydney has with diners walking in for a table until late in the evening. Usually most “walk-ins” are before 7.30pm. If we turn diners away and have an empty table there, that could be the difference between a profitable day or not.


Late Arrivals Make it Difficult for Everyone. 

We do understand that circumstances may arise unexpectedly, however, late arrivals tend to compromise the punctuality of service we are able to provide to you, as well as our other customers.  We do maintain a relatively tight booking schedule at times, and we make every attempt to be able to serve you in a timely fashion. We simply ask for the same courtesy.


“Customers [need] to see skipping out on a reservation as an unconscionable violation of the social contract”

If you need to ask why we have this policy, here are some articles that explain it: